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Sunday, 21 Jan 2018

The Story of Jurayj

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Both the stories found in the Qur’an and those mentioned in the Hadith offer the Muslim the chance to benefit from the lessons and wisdoms found therein. They also inform the Muslim about what happened with previous nations and individuals. Teachings and beneficial information are found in the words and events of these stories. They direct the person to that which benefits him and deter him from evil and sins.

The pious worshippers among the followers of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, took to the habit of living in the mountains in sanctuaries (1) where they would devote themselves to performing the prayers, making dhikr (2) , and obeying Allah. Among these pious worshipers was Jurayj.

Jurayj was known for his kindness and complete following of Prophet Jesus. He used to read the original Injil that cleared Allah of having partners and cleared Allah of being similar to the creations. That Injil was the book revealed to Prophet Jesus also contained teachings for people so as to prepare themselves for the hereafter by performing the good deeds.

Jurayj was known for his piety and being a God-fearing person. Many people would visit him in his sanctuary, seeking his blessings or asking him for advice. Jurayj’s sanctuary was high in the mountains, surrounded by trees. This made it pretty and made it have a nice atmosphere. The people sought it out for this reason as well.

Some people envied Jurayj because he was so well-liked and they decided to send a prostitute to him. They instructed her to seduce him and then accuse him of having committed adultery with her. This would make people hate him. The woman went to Jurayj with that bad intention, but she found him uncooperative. He would not commit adultery with her because he was a God-fearing Muslim, so she left his sanctuary and went down to the valley.

On her way down from the mountain into the valley, she saw a shepherd. She thought of an evil plan. This woman seduced the shepherd who committed adultery with her and thus became pregnant. When her pregnancy began to show she unjustly accused Jurayj of committing adultery. She was of course, lying.

Many people believed this woman and went to Jurayj’s sanctuary. He was shocked by their attack on him because he knew that he was innocent. But they were so angry that they took him out of his sanctuary and tied him up. Then they destroyed his place with axes.

Meanwhile, the woman had given birth to a child. Jurayj, who was tied down with ropes, passed by the baby. Jurayj came close to the boy. Here, an extra-ordinary event happened for Jurayj because he was a Waliyy (3) and he was a true follower of Prophet Jesus. Jurayj placed his finger on the baby’s stomach and said:” Who is your father?” Although newborn babies do not speak, yet this baby spoke. He said, “The shepherd.” When the people saw this, they were speechless. They knew that an evil trick had been played on them. They apologized to Jurayj and rebuilt his sanctuary exactly as it had been.

(1) A sanctuary is a room or house that is built away from the people.

(2) To praise Allah.

(3) A pious person who did all the obligations and avoided all what is forbidden and did good deeds which are sunna.


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