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The 15th Night of Sha^ban

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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

The Lord of ^Omar sees us

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The Pages of these stories are windows to the lives of those before us. Through them we learn about the stances of people before us whose lives were built around goodness, generosity and doing good for others. These stories sparkle and shine illuminating the path of guidance and knowledge for generations to come.

When Master ^Umar became caliph he sent a decree that forbade people from mixing milk with water then selling it because this was cheating people. This was something widely done at the time. An announcer walked among the people announcing that decree. He warned those who did, that they would be punished.

One night Master ^Umar walked among the people while observing how they were living, as was his habit. As he passed by the walls of a garden he heard a mother ask her daughter, “Why didn’t you mix the milk with water?” The daughter looked at her mom and Said, “How would I do that and the honorable caliph forbade us from cheating people in this way.”

Master ^Umar listened to this not because he spied on people but because he wanted to know the situation of his subjects. The mother replied to her daughter, “Some people have found a way around ^Umar’s decree. Furthermore, how would the Caliph know about this while he doesn’t even know about us.”

The good daughter had complete faith in Allah. With the moonlight shining on her face, she said, “Even if Master ^Umar does not Know, The Lord of ^Umar sees us. He knows about us wherever we are. Nothing is hidden from Allah. He is more deserving that we fear Him than fearing ^Umar.

Master ^Umar heard the daughter’s reply and was very pleased by it. He noted the place of the garden along with house next to it. The next day Master ^Umar called his son, ^Asim. He told him to go ask for the good girl’s hand in marriage because she had good traits and praiseworthy attributes.

^Asim obeyed the command of his father, Master ^Umar, may Allah raise both of their ranks. ^Asim was a well-mannered good person who treated his parents well so he did not object. He asked about the girl and her parents. When he saw her she looked as beautiful as the moon. She was pious and God-fearing. She performed the obligations. ^Asim liked her and asked to marry her.

^Asim ibn ^Umar married the God-fearing girl. Nine months later, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Umm ^Asim. Umm ^Asim had a good upbringing. When she was older ^Abdul ^Aziz ibn Marwan ibn al-Hakam married her. She then gave birth to one of the most honored and God-fearing caliphs, ^Umar ibn ^Aziz, may Allah raise his rank. Truly, being God-fearing brings blessings and has many merits.

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