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The 15th Night of Sha^ban

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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Dhunun al-Misriyy and the Scorpion

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The Pages of these stories are windows to the lives of those before us. Through them we learn about the stances of people before us whose lives were built around goodness, generosity and doing good for others. These stories sparkle and shine illuminating the path of guidance and knowledge for generations to come.

Imam Dhunun al-Misriyy’s name is Thuban bin Ibrahim. He was from an-Nawbah, an area that is in Egypt, he had a lot of knowledge and people would always gather around him to learn. He would teach them the important matters to save them from the evil and haram things. Among his famous sayings is one that cleared Allah from having a shape or form. He said “Whatever you imagine in your mind, Allah is different from that”.

One day Imam Dhunun Al-Misriyy went to the Nile River to wash his clothes. As he was preparing to do so, he saw a large scorpion coming towards the shore. He got a bit fearful so he sought protection from Allah that the scorpion would not harm him. A scorpion’s sting is very harmful and can often cause the person to die. Imam Dhunun hid behind a tree to see what the scorpion would do.

The scorpion stood on shore. Then a large frog came out of the water. It got close to the scorpion. The scorpion got on frog’s back, it got back into the water, and started swimming. Imam Dhunun watched in amazement. He knew that there was a story behind this strange event, so he came out from behind the tree and got in the water to follow the frog and scorpion.

The frog, with the scorpion on its back, reached the other river bank. When the creatures got to the bank the scorpion quickly left the frog’s back. By this time, Imam Dhunun had also reached the bank. He got out of the water and followed behind the scorpion.

There were many trees, plants, and beautiful flowers on the bank. Imam Dhunun continued to follow the scorpion until they reached a big tree with many branches providing plenty of shade.

Under this big tree there was a very handsome sleeping man. In his hand there was an empty bottle of wine. The smell of wine filled the entire area. The scorpion got very close to the man. Imam Dhunun wondered why the scorpion had come all this way across the river just to sting the man. The scorpion was about ready to sting the sleeping man, but just then a large snake came out from between the branches of the big tree. The snake was headed straight for the sleeping man.

Imam Dhunun was watching this strange sight. As he did so he was looking for a stick to hit the scorpion and the snake with. Suddenly, the scorpion jumped onto the snake and stung it. The snake died. The scorpion then went back to where the frog was waiting. It got on the frog’s back and together they went back to the other side of the river.

Imam Dhunun stayed near the big tree. He waited until the sleeping man awoke, then he told him what happened. When the man learned of the strange occurrence with the scorpion, the frog, and the snake, he repented to Allah.

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