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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Eid ul Adha Speech 2011

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Eid-ul-Adha Speech 2011

Dear brothers in Islam:

Prophet Muhammad, advised us, to perform good deeds, and to give to charity, in obedience to Allah.

During the Hajj, of Prophet Muhammad, he gave a great speech. Among what he said was: “O people, I have given you 2 things, which protect you from going astray, the Quran and my Sharia^. Always remember, that Muslims are brothers, to one another, and that it is unlawful, for one to take anything, from his brother, without his permission, and do not be, unjust to one another, and after I die, do not kill one another, like the kuffar do.

Dear brothers in Islam, slaughtering ( أضحية) a lamb, cow or camel; is Sunnah Mu’akkadah, for those who are able to do so, and is best to do, after the Eid prayer and the khutba.

This was the habit, of Prophet Ibrahim, who had a dream, that he was slaughtering, his son, Isma^el. Ibrahim knew that this was an order, from Allah.

When prophet Ibrahim was alone with his son, on the way to Makkah, he asked his son what means:  in my dream, I saw myself slaughtering you, so what do you have to say?

Isma^il replied: Oh father, do what you have been ordered, and by the will of Allah, you will find me patient.  Oh father, if you want to slaughter me, then tie me, so that none of my blood, sprays you, because the pain of death is strong and I will shake under this pain.  Sharpen your knife, so it is faster, in slaughtering me; do it in a way that you cannot see my face, or that I do not see the knife, if you go to my mother, give her my salam.

Prophet Ibrahim told him:  You are helping me, to do what Allah ordered.

Prophet Ibrahim tied Isma^il down. He made sure not to look at Isma^il’s face, and put the knife at his neck.

At this point, Angel Jibreel told prophet Ibrahim:  Oh Ibrahim, you have carried out, the orders of Allah.  Take this lamb, instead of your son.

Instead of Isma^il, a large lamb from Paradise, was slaughtered.

Dear Brothers, on this great occasion of Eid, it is important that you do the following:

· Visit your relatives, give charity to the poor

· Visit the cemetery to recite verses of Qur’an for dead Muslims and pray to Allah for them.

· When you see your Muslim brothers, say to them:  “may Allah accept, our good deeds”

Brothers in Islam, we ask you to donate some money; for a church that we have bought in Melbourne, which we are going to make it into a Masjid.

In the end, we ask Allah to bless us on this day, and Allah Knows best.


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