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The 15th Night of Sha^ban

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Eid ul Adha

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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

A small Amount of Food is Enough for 300 people, by the Will of Allah

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The Prophet, peace be upon him, was in the Enlightened Madinah. He knew that the blasphemers from Makkah were heading towards Madinah to fight him and his noble companions. Salaman the Persian advised the Prophet to dig a trench, which was new fighting technique not used among the Arabs before that. The Prophet ordered the digging to begin and he worked with his companions, lifting and moving rocks and sand with his honourable hands.

The Prophet and companions were in extreme hardship because they had not eaten for three days. After, taking permission from the Prophet, the honourable companion Jaber, son of ^Abdullah went to his house. He asked his wife for whatever food they had. She said, “We have a small amount of barley and a very small goat.” He grinded the barley making it into bread. Then he slaughtered the goat and broiled it.

Jaber went back to the Prophet, peace be upon him. He invited the Prophet to his house for food. He told the Prophet there would be enough only for one other person and not enough for everyone.

The Prophet asked how much food was there and Jaber told him.

The Prophet told Jaber to tell his wife to leave the goat in the water and the bread in the oven until he, the Prophet, peace be upon him, arrived.

Then Prophet told all 300 companions to come with him to Jaber’s house. The Prophet wanted his companions to share in the goodness after their struggles. He had the most compassionate and kindest heart. Jaber was embarrassed because he thought the food he had was not enough for everyone. He was wondering how it would feed all the companions. Nevertheless, he loved the blessing of the Prophet peace be upon him.

The Prophet entered Jaber’s house and said Assalamu ^alaykum to the people of the house. Then he raised his hands and supplicated to Allah asking for blessing. Jaber and his wife opened the pot taking the meat out. They opened the oven taking the bread out. They put the meat and bread in plates. Then eight companions would eat from each plate.

Every time eight companions finished eating they would thank Allah for the meal. Then they would leave and another eight would enter. Jaber and his wife would put more food for the next group of eight who would eat, thank Allah, and leave. Jaber and his wife continued putting food for the companions in groups of eight, while the Prophet was making du^a for blessings until all 300 companions had eaten by God’s Grace.

After everyone had eaten including the Prophet, peace be upon him, the pots were opened. They were all still full of meat as if nothing had been taken from them. The oven also still had bread in it. This was a wondrous miracle of the compassionate and kind Prophet, peace be upon him.

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