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The 15th Night of Sha^ban

Ibn Majah narrated that the Prophet said what means: Spend the night preceding the 15th day of Sha^ban in acts of obedience, and fast the next day.

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Seeking the blessings from the traces of the Prophet

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MYOT Friday Nights

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Eid ul Adha

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The Birth of Prophet Muhammad

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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

The Consequence of Betrayal

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It was narrated that one evening came and all the shops closed. Only a lone merchant remained. He has sold all his goods but since he was a stranger to the town he did not know where to go. He was afraid someone along his path would rob him or hurt him. Then he saw a man standing by a house. He asked him if he could spend the night. The man allowed him in.

The owner of the house and his son, who was a young man, offered the merchant food. They sat chatting and eating. When the owner of the house found out that the merchant had a lot of money with him he decided to kill the merchant for the money. He thought about how he could do that. Then, he waited until it was time to sleep.

The owner's son had his own room with a mattress. The father prepared another mattress next to his son's for the merchant. Both the son and the merchant went into the room to sleep. The father made a note of where each one had slept, put out the lantern, and left. The son had no idea what his father had intended for the merchant.

The owner stayed up waiting for the right moment to carry out his evil plot. A few minutes passed. Then, his son got up to use the bathroom. Meanwhile, the merchant tossed and turned ending up in the young man's mattress. The son returned to find the merchant in his mattress, so he lay down on the other mattress where the merchant had been sleeping a few minutes before.

The owner did not know that any of this happened. He sneaked into the room and went to the mattress where he thought the merchant was sleeping on. He put a pillow on top of the sleeper's face and held it there, suffocating him. The sleeper struggled trying to get out from underneath, but it was no use. He died.

The sleeping merchant heard noises in the room. He woke up to see the owner suffocating his son. He realized that the owner wanted to kill him so he jumped up, shouted, and ran out of the room. The owner was shocked to see the merchant. He thought that his son was sleeping on the mattress.

Because of the shouting and commotion, the neighbours woke up. They gathered around the merchant who told them what happened. Then the owner came out wanting to capture the merchant. But instead he was captured by the neighbours who took him to the police. There he admitted the ugly crime he had committed because of his greed.

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